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Beer Making Kits from Valentine:

Our beer making kits are supplied by:

Beer Kits / Malt Extracts

Festa Brew - 23L (and Makes 23L)

U Brew Grain Kits - Boil and Brew (Makes 23L)

Crafted Beer Kits - 1.8KG (Makes 23L)


Beer Kits in Cans

ABC Crafted Series Beer Kits (United Kingdom)

Brew Canada (North America)

Black Rock (New Zealand)

Muntons Connoisseurs Series (New Zealand)

Muntons Premium Series (New Zealand)

Coopers - Original, International, Thomas Cooper Series


Crafted Ciders - Makes 23L
Crafted Cider Kits (United Kingdom)

Mangrove Jack's Crafted Cider (United Kingdom)

Black Rock Cider (New Zealand)


Alcohol / Spirits Bases

Distiller's / Still Spirit Yeasts

Turbo Yeasts - Alcobase

Express Yeasts


Liqueur Essences


Still Spirits Essences



Also Available:

  • Wine Additives
  • Beer Brewing Additives
  • Finings
  • Equipment
  • Corks
  • Bottles
  • Pumps, Filters
  • Cleaners / Sterilizers
  • Labels
  • Shrinks
  • Books
  • Etc.
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